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Bronze, Brasil Design Awards, Editorial Design, Catalogue, 2022.
Shortlisted, Latin American Design Awards, 2023.

Partículas was an art exhibition that took place at the Massapê Projetos space, in São Paulo. Massapê is a platform and art space managed mainly by Mano Penalva through production of art. The exhibition Partículas started from the main idea of a solid core that guides movement in space, through a game of objects the artists seeked to approach textures and plasticities in the works - proposing points of tension - where the body of the the spectator was guided by the space, where the possibilities of materials and surfaces are displayed.

I created the graphic visuals and the expographic project, togheter with Simon Fernandes coding, and also, we were the artists who were exposing the artworks.

Exhibition Design
Editorial Design

Editorial Design: Dandara Hahn
Graphic Design: Dandara Hahn
Creative Coding: Simon Fernandes
Exhibition Design: Dandara Hahn, Simon Fernandes
Text: Guilherme Teixeira
Manager: Mano Penalva
Photography: Ana Pigosso