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Comissioned by Alpargatas
Havaianas Arroz e Feijão
In 1962, when the first pair of Havaianas, the "Tradi", was developed in Brazil. At the time, the inspiration was the Japanese flip-flop called Zori. Alpargatas used rubber as a raw material and adapted the Japanese sandal for the Brazilian market. The rice grain shape was used for the texture of the insole. A classic was born!

On the other hand, to develop this project specifically, we thought that in Brazil, the main dish that cannot be missing is rice and beans. With that in mind, for the exclusive year-end mailing for Havaianas we developed Havaianas Arroz e Feijão - Rice and Beans.

This was the first time that the traditional Havaianas sandals had their manufacturing registration changed from rice to beans. An entire production system was altered so that this product could be manufactured. This model was sent to celebrities as an exclusive mailing and the internet went down talking about it.

Product Design
Design Direction

Design: Dandara Hahn, Johann Vernizzi
Creative Direction: Marcus Sulzbacher
Photography: Mariana Valverde
Agency: AlmapBBDO