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Ecossistemas Criativos
It seems that many of us have come to the end of the world. The apocalypse. The colonization of machines. The fall of the sky. Narratives of the future rarely consider us as active participants in the creation of reality. Everything seems to be given. What appears to have occurred, as a consequence, is a generalized strike.The future is not a distant and autonomous place, but a collective creation, present and in movement.

We are creative beings by nature. We create when we express ourselves. When we choose. We created cities, museums and artificial intelligence. We create problems and vaccines. Ties. Opinions. Children. Our creations - whether in the areas of arts, science, technology or education - will be as ethical and liberating as we demand.

Ecossistemas Criativos is a conversation program, curated and presented by the great Marcello Dantas on the Arte1 channel on a partnership with Sesi, which proposes a broad look at the creations of the future with is a series of conversations, which aims to propose a systemic and broad look at the creation of disruptive perceptions and solutions to experience the future. The series of conversations, first shown on Brazilian Television Canal Arte1 and later transformed into a podcast, features 8 26-minute episodes. In each episode, Marcello Dantas invites an expert to talk about topics related to innovation and creativity - amazing and important Brazilian figures: Kaká Verá, Giselle Beigelman, Denise Stoklos, Carlos Nader, Bruno Torturra, Panmela Castro, Andreza Delgado. 

At the beginning of each program, to boost the conversation, Marcello brings a poetic reflection on the episode's central theme. Thus, the tone of the chat will be established, also serving as a guide for the topics.

The animations of the big screen were directed by me in partnership with the great Video and Glitch artist Gabriel Rolim.

What I did:
Art Direction, Design Direction, Scenography.

Presentation and Curator: Marcello Dantas
Executive Production: Luciana Pires
Direction: Julia Pasmanik
Script: Bruno Peretti,  Guilherme Kramer
Research: Leandro Ramos de Castro
Production Coordination: Alice Biato
Production: Camila Billa
Production Assistent: Sabrina Kauffmann, Geiza Soares, Karina Pinheiro
Photography: Diego Cardoso
Sound: Allan Yamamoto Escajadillo
Design: Dandara Hahn
Art Direction: Dandara Hahn, Grabiel Rolin
Scenography: Dandara Hahn, Gabriel Rolin
Costume Design: Fran Marson
Make-up: Ariadne Dinhani
Content Coordination: Ligia Zapolla
Financial and Administrative Management: Madê Barreto
Financial Coordination: Lucélia Santos
Post-Production Coordination: Elisa Bedran, Natane Vidal, Paula Fonseca
Post-Production Assistant: Vitória Blóris
WorkFlow Architect: Lohan Costa
Completion: João Paulo Lontra,  William Gomes
Edition: Kenzo Colaferro
Motion: André Rodrigues, Rhamay Lima, Pedro Corrêa, Marcus Kullher
Soundtrack: André Bruni

Type: Lygia by Flavia Zimbardi