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Comissioned by Kaaysa Art Residency
Lemúria was an site-specific art exhibition that happened in Boiçucanga - São Sebastião, at Kaaysá Art Residency. An experience of art beyond the common white cube, through a week event that occupied different spaces of the residence, with projections, sculptures, photographs, sound and performance art. Founded in 2017, Kaaysá Art Residency supports the development of research in contemporary art in dialogue with the Atlantic Forest, the Atlantic Ocean and the material and immaterial heritage of São Sebastião - one of the oldest cities on the Brazilian coast to be demarcated by the colonial company. It is an autonomous organization that contributes to artistic practices by weaving networks of cultural exchanges, broadly thematic, with a focus on current critical issues.

Lemuria is a continent whose existence defies science. There is a controversy that makes the existence of this geographic space uncertain, there are even lines of thought that believe that this was a moment of humanity. Regardless of the exact answer to these questions, we know today that humanity organized around modern epistemological pillars is in decline. The narrative of progress based on a male, Caucasian image of humanity crumbles in the first major pandemic of the century. The reorganization of ways of living provides new points of view on commonplaces. From this perspective, islands of identity were organized corresponding to the projects of the artists residing at Kaaysa.  

Lemúria's proposal was born from the collaboration between the curators Bianca Bernardo and Ana Beatriz Almeida, inviting Lourdina Rabieh to compose, together with the program's artists, a manifesto of poetics in dialogue, presenting biographical narratives and ancestral memories about real and fictional places, exposing the different layers that sediment the history of humanity, in its processes of occupation, displacement and transplantation into new territories. I was encharged of the hole graphic visuals - including the exhibition and editorial design - and was also one of the artists exposing the artworks.

Editorial Design
Exhibition Design

Editorial Design: Dandara Hahn
Exhibition Design: Dandara Hahn
Writing: Ana Beatriz Almeida, Bianca Bernardo
Curators: Ana Beatriz Almeida, Bianca Bernardo
Artists: Dandara Hahn, Luisa Lemgruber, Lourdina Rabieh, Nicolas Soares
Residency Managers: Lourdina Rabieh, Tony Rabieh
Photography: Ana Pigosso

Monument Grotesk Mino, by Dinamo Typefaces