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Comissioned by Avon
Afrofuturo Avon
During Black Awareness Month of 2018, Avon was launching an unprecedented reflection in Brazil on Afrofuturism - a multidisciplinary movement born in the 1960s to reclaim the past and ancestry of blacks in the diaspora, recognising the present and creating new meanings in order to build an inspiring future about what they believe and desire for their own realities and for generations to come.

The project was co-created by the Avon Hub (Wunderman Thompson, Mutato, and iCherry), MOOC (casting and production) and youth from the 20/20 racial inclusion program of Wunderman Thompson (strategic planning, copywriting, and editing), and led by a mostly black staff.

The video includes different elements of African and Afro-Brazilian culture, proposes a reflection on the context of black youth in today's society, and provides visibility to the future they want for themselves.

The music was created exclusively for the project by Brazilian artist JLZ, with the electronic sound of Afrobeat. The wardrobe used in the film was inspired by the bright colors and tailoring so widely used, though not often mentioned, on the African continent. Elements linked to black culture are also seen in the makeup, which emphasizes traits and skin tones. The narrative also reinforces aspects of reclaiming identity. The language chosen was Yoruba, referring to Afro-Brazilian ancestry and religiosity.

All the graphic and printed compositions were created by me, manually, throughout a process of collage: illustrating, designing, printing and scanning the hole content. The photos and graphic compositions were produced exclusively for the campaign. I was also one of the art directors responsible for the film visual communication.

Art Direction
Editorial Design
Graphic Design

Conception and Campaign:
CCO: Ricardo John
ECD’s: Cassio Moron, Rodrigo Damata
Creative Direction: Danilo Janjacomo, Renata Leão
Head of Art: Talita Cardozo
Copywriting: Vinicius Raft, Julia Machado, Thamara Pinheiro, Clecius Gonzaga, Ariane Polvani
Art Direction: Luiz Pulcini, José de Oliveira, Dandara Hahn
Design Direction: Dandara Hahn
Editorial Design: Dandara Hahn
Planning: Annelize Conti, Renan Damascena
Agency: Wunderman Thompson, Mutato, Icherry
PR Agency: Soko Crafting Connections
Executive Production: Milena Trindade
Production Coordination: Larissa Luisi
Production Direction: Tarcila Villa
Production Assistance: Bernie Wallbenny
Scene Direction : Louis Rodrigues, Raphael Fidelis
Direction Assistance: Marcela Daud
Art Director: Vinni Tex, Lydia Thais
Costume Production: Suyane Ynaya
Cast Production: Kevin David
Make-up: Dani daMata
Hair: DivaGreen
Still Photography: Pedro Nasser, Catarina Martins
Making of the Photos: Fábio Freitas
Editor: Fernando Freitas
Post-Production Coordinator: Junior Braz
Finalization: Marcelo Barbosa
Effects Supervision: Ricardo da Costa, Luis Tadeu
Composition Artists: Ricardo da Costa, Luis Tadeu
Motion Design: Guilherme Valente
Musical Production: JLZ
Mixing and finalization: Liquo Audio