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Dandara Hahn
Brooklyn - New York City
(„• ֊ •„)੭

︎︎︎An independent Senior Graphic Designer, Visual Artist and Mom from Florianópolis, Brasil. Based in Brooklyn - New York City. I’ve spent more than a decade harnessing systematic creative thinking to craft visuals, making ideas come to the material world, and believing in design as a tool for transformation, social impact and culture shaper. Along this journey, I've worked together with big and small clients, nonprofits and commissioned works. My Design practice specializes in creating identities and visual systems, editorial, packaging, printing and creative direction. I specially love making and thinking all the things I can get my hands on. My interests are married to how I understand the world at large, leading to an array of autonomous projects like self-publications. 

︎︎︎ I hold a BA in 'Communication Design', from ESPM-SP and 'Graphic Design and the Cities'  Post-Graduation at Escola da Cidade, together with Celso Longo and Daniel Trench as coordinators.

︎︎︎ I, also, co-funded a periodic art & design publication project, Periódico-Periódico, and funded an independent publishing and editorial platform, Satélite Books.

︎︎︎Selected Clients:
O Boticário
Chilli Beans
Editora Abril
Editora Carbono
Editora Todas as Culturas
Elma Chips
Kaaysá Art Residency
Pratt University NYC
TAP (Temporary Art Platform) 

︎︎︎Selected Agencies and Studios:
AKQA Casa (Freelancer)
Barca Estúdio (Freelancer)
Bloco Estúdio
Grey (Freelancer)
Live (Freelancer)
Wunderman Thompson São Paulo
Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo
WMcCANN (Freelancer)
Pharus Design (Freelancer)

︎︎︎ Behance
︎︎︎ Instagram

LAD - Latin American Design Awards
Silver, Editorial, Partículas, 2023
    Golden, Illustration, Sape, 2022
    Bronze, Illustration, Havaianas Cordel Christmas, 2018
    Shortlist, Print, Havaianas Cordel Christmas, 2018

BDA - Brasil Design Award
   Bronze, Editorial Design - Catalogues, with Partículas, 2022
   Bronze, Packaging, with Sape, 2022

Cannes Lions
    Shortlist, Direct,  Nike Sis'Hood Battles, 2020
    Bronze, Media, Rescue Dogz, 2019
    Bronze, Mobile, Rescue Dogz,  2019
    Shortlist, Direct, Rescue Dogz,  2019
    Golden, Industry Craft, BlackBox, 2018
    Shortlist, Design, BlackBox, 2018
    Attended the Festival of Creativity representing AlmapBBDO, 2018
    Young Lions Brasil Shortlist, 2017

Clio Awards
    Bronze, Digital, Rescue Dogz, 2019
    Bronze, Mobile, Rescue Dogz, 2019
    Shortlist, Design, BlackBox, 2018
    Silver, Poster Design Health & Wellness, Almost Perfect Hands, 2017

Clube de Criação de São Paulo
    Silver, BlackBox, 2019
    Bronze, BlackBox, 2019
    Yearbook, Direct, Rescue Dogz, 2019

Wave Festival
    Golden, Media, Rescue Dogz, 2019
    Shortlist, Direct Data, Rescue Dogz, 2019
    Shortlist, Direct Digital, Rescue Dogz, 2019

One Show
    Shortlist, Targeting, Rescue Dogz, 2020

MMA Smarties Award
    Gold, Social Impact/Not for Profit,  Rescue Dogz, 2019

︎︎︎Selected Feature:
• Ladies, Wine & Design, 2018
• Bel Lafer
• Bica,
• Experimenta Espain,

• Media Activism and aesthetics as resistance: an analysis of Design Ativista,
Dissertation UTFPR, by Fernanda Rios
• 54 Congreso Internacional AICA, What Are We Talking About When We talk About Criticism in the 21st Century?, By Dra Maria Amelia Bulhões, Valparaiso, 2022

Saravá, 2022
• Culturala - The planet in Digital time,

Saravá, Collective Exhibition at Galeria Anita Schwartz, Rio de Janeiro, 2022
Teorias do tempo, Bica OnlineOnsite, 2021
• Performance Dominar para Degradar, with Luisa Lemgruber,
Comissioned by Goethe Institut, 2020
• Lemúria, Kaaysa Art Residency, Boiçucanga, 2020
Alguns Dias, Arte Passagem, 2020 
• Partículas, with Simon Fernandes at Massapê Projetos, São Paulo, 2018
Platotipos, Collective Exhibition at Platô Estúdio, São Paulo, 2018
• Abraço Coletivo, Collective Exhibition at Atelier 397, São Paulo, 2018

Ocupação, Hermes Artes Visuais, São Paulo, 2023
• NaCasa, Coletivo Artístico, Florianópolis, 2021
Ocupação, Hermes Artes Visuais, São Paulo, 2021
• Como mover-se, Kaaysa Art Residency, Boiçucanga, 2020
• Futuros Possíveis: Quem Somos Agora, Kaaysa Art Residency, Boiçucanga, 2020

• 29th Design Portfolio Day Jury, at ESPM-SP Uiversity, 2022
•  Sensitive Laboratories | Talk: Artistic interventions in the field of Ecofeminism,
with Mari Fraga and Luisa Lemgruber, Comissioned by Goethe Institut, 2020
• Uru Eu Wau Wau Creative Workshop with Indigenous /Jupaú,
Association for Ethno-environmental defense, Kanindé, 2020
• Karo Pajgap Creative Workshop with Indigenous,
Association for Ethno-environmental defense Kanindé, 2020
• Ikolen Creative Workshop with Indigenous,
Association for Ethno-environmental defense, Kanindé, 2020
• Young Lions for Woman Mentorship, Y&R, 2019
• Masterclass: Graphic Design as a profession, for the Design 1st semester class,  at UDESC (State University of Santa Catarina), 2018
• Editorial Design and Magazine layouts, at ESPM-SP University, 2017

BA Communication Design
(Communication Design - ESPM/SP)

Post-Graduation Design
(Graphic Design and the Cities - Escola da Cidade)